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Coalition to host Mayoral Forum

The Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition has invited all seven candidates for mayor of the city of Toledo to a forum about trafficking. The local media is invited to observe and report on this event. Coalition members are encouraged to bring colleagues.

The forum will take place on Wednesday, October 21 from 9:15am to 10:15am at the Kent Branch Library, 3101 Collingwood Blvd (at the intersection of Collingwood and Central). Note: the library opens at 9am; attendees should assemble quickly so the forum can start on time.

Each candidate will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • How could Toledo & you, as mayor, implement a CATCH court (Changing Actions To Change Habits) similar to Columbus’ highly successful CATCH court for women in prostitution?
  • Because there is an average of 6 sex buyers for every sex worker, how will you as mayor bring the arrest rates into balance for buyers and sellers?
  • We want to ensure that the city is not developing contracts with companies that may be involved in any form of labor trafficking. With you in the mayor’s office, would you work with city council and committees to make supply chains more transparent so that the city ensures that it is contracting with reputable companies who protect their worker’s rights?
  • As mayor, how would you be engaged with the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition? Would you attend meetings, send an aide, and/or agree to regular briefings by a coalition representative?

Audience members will be allowed to ask follow-ups and additional questions as time allows.

The coalition’s member-only meeting will continue after the forum. Guests are welcome to return to future coalition meetings to learn more about it and how to become a member.

The Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition is comprised of health care, social service, law enforcement, government agencies, churches, citizens, and those that are or have been involved in the sex industry. Coalition members are working together to unite the community to combat human trafficking.


Ted Thayer Memorials

Members of the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition were deeply saddened when we learned of the recent passing of coalition member Ted Thayer. It is difficult to believe we will no longer see Ted at coalition meetings. For all of us, his passing epitomized how fragile life is.

Ted was a man for all seasons: a computer “whiz” and a real estate maven, seeing the potential in a fixer-upper and turning into an affordable home for a family, who otherwise might not have the opportunity to own a home.

He pushed coalition members to use the computer tools available to them, to efficiently track performance and identify means to further educate others about human trafficking.

At the most recent International Human Trafficking Conference, Ted took the lead in chronicling the presentations. Truly a yeoman’s job.

Ted was fun and always joined the group smiling; signaling to all that his “wheels” were turning…and we just waited for his ideas.

Rest in Peace.

Read more about Ted’s life and sign the guest book.

Ted’s friends and family are invited to celebrate his life on Saturday, April 11th at the Center for Conscience Living (7410 Noward Rd., Waterville, Ohio 43566). Visitation is from 1 to 3pm with a memorial service starting at 3. At the service, all will be invited to share special stories, experiences and memories about Ted. Food and fellowship immediately following the service.

Ted’s family is requesting that a donation in his name be given to Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition in lieu of flowers.

Send your donations to:

Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition
c/o Toledo Area Ministries
3043 Monroe St
Toledo OH 43606

Address checks to “Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition” and put Ted’s name on the memo line.


Ohio Liberator Awards Recognize Many From Northwest Ohio

A number of local “modern-day abolitionists” were recently nominated for the Ohio Liberator Awards, which honors the dedication and hard work of those working toward eliminating human trafficking. The awards ceremony was held this past Monday, January 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio and of the seven categories, those associated with the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition were awarded four.

Winners from Toledo include:

Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition Co-Chair Laura Neal remarked, “I’m so proud of the outstanding work of our coalition. The award winners, as well as the many others from Toledo and Northwest Ohio that were nominated, continue to contribute so much time and energy to combat human trafficking.”

The Liberator Award was created in honor of William Lloyd Garrison, considered a radical abolitionist for his views on not only the elimination of slavery but also for equal rights for African Americans and women. Who would have thought, 183 years after Garrison started speaking out, we still have not won this fight against slavery?