Ohio Liberator Awards Recognize Many From Northwest Ohio

A number of local “modern-day abolitionists” were recently nominated for the Ohio Liberator Awards, which honors the dedication and hard work of those working toward eliminating human trafficking. The awards ceremony was held this past Monday, January 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio and of the seven categories, those associated with the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition were awarded four.

Winners from Toledo include:

Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition Co-Chair Laura Neal remarked, “I’m so proud of the outstanding work of our coalition. The award winners, as well as the many others from Toledo and Northwest Ohio that were nominated, continue to contribute so much time and energy to combat human trafficking.”

The Liberator Award was created in honor of William Lloyd Garrison, considered a radical abolitionist for his views on not only the elimination of slavery but also for equal rights for African Americans and women. Who would have thought, 183 years after Garrison started speaking out, we still have not won this fight against slavery?